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  • Boba Fett Range Finder

    Boba Fett Range Finder

    A while back I found a Boba Fett helmet at Salvation army with a missing range finder. Chris BondChris Bond is the owner of this website, the father of three children, the husband of a wonderful woman, and the tinkerer of gadgets. He enjoys gaming, flying drones, building Gundam models, collecting robots and solving problems.…

  • 3D Printing and Painting

    3D Printing and Painting

    First of all, I am not a world-class painter. My eyesight isn’t what it use to be and hand-painting these things was a pain. At the behest of my youngest, it started out with Pokémon. While I have 3D printed for years, I had never airbrushed or hand painted a day in my life. Below…